2017 Nissan Z –Price, Release date

December 22, 2015

2017 Nissan Z continues to exploit modern and sophisticated look. Many fans were hoping that vehicle will return to classic style, but it won’t happen.


2017 Nissan Z Redesign

2017 Nissan Z used FM platform and we expect a lot of hi-tech accessories in it. New model will be slightly lowered to give it a more sporty looks. It will also get shorter. Certainly it will be more optimized to be used as a racing vehicle. Very helpful for good results is also the fact of reduced weight of 400 pounds than last model. As far as body modifications are concerned, we are expecting slight changes that could be classified under refreshment to better aerodynamics. This model also brings open roof and new LED lights to illuminate darkest of conditions. Changes inside the 2017 Nissan Z will have contemporary design in sync with current trends as well as exceptional comfort elements that ensure comfortable ride. Cabin space will get modified to accommodate passengers comfortably at the same time offer high entertainment value with a superb audio system. Additional safety equipment include airbags for every passenger, rear-parking sensors, lane change assist, parking assist, satellite navigation and cruise control and other. Powerful design and great capabilities made this model more attractive then ever.


2017 Nissan Z Engines Specs

2017 Nissan Z brings engine made in Mercedes. Some rumors telling this engine could be primary option, or just for some models. This is V4- 2.0L turbocharged engine, this version will be able to produce a maximum 200 horsepower. There are rumors, in the not so distant future about available electrically powered hybrid engine that is not only more eco-friendly, and also less power consuming. Sporty engine will be 3.0L V6 variant which is actually electric powered and emits lesser Co2. Direct injection drivetrain could produce up to 350 hp and CVT will probably be an option for 6-speed manual transmission. Also, 7-speed automatic gearbox could be paired with drivetrain. This is very competitive having in mind other models from this segment.


2017 Nissan Z Price and Release date

2017 Nissan Z will release during later parts of 2016 and is planning an affordable pricing, from $35 000 for the base model to $60 000. 2017 Toyota Supra, Subaru BRZ and Audi R8 will be his main competitors.

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