2017 Mitsubishi Eclipse Release Date, Price, Engine, Specs

June 11, 2016

2017 Mitsubishi Eclipse loved sports car is back with futuristic design which brings us straight to future with special design and space ship.


2017 Mitsubishi Eclipse Exterior and Interior

2017 Mitsubishi Eclipse is a sports coupe with attractive design ready to bring back the old glory of famous Japanese producer. Futuristic look of this refreshed car brings some changes to the exterior in comparison to previous model. There are many new things such as  sculpted hood, new front grille, headlights, coupe roof-line, aluminum alloy, chrome accents, dual exhaust system and revised fascia. Aluminum which is used here has impact on lowering total weight of this model.  Cabin is representing futuristic concept and resembles to new generation of spaceship. The center console is entirely digitized, but steering wheel has a specific look with functions on it. Sports seats look quite comfortable and allow several operations that will make driving do stable. Drive system offers two different engine types and output performance that will satisfy all customer needs. Main rivals are in the first place 2017 Hyundai Genesis, followed by 2017 Ford Mustang and 2017 Subaru BRZ.


2017 Mitsubishi Eclipse Engine

2017 Mitsubishi Eclipse is supposed to have 2.4 liter 4-cylinder. It could create 162 Horse energy in conjunction with twisting production of 160 lbs / ft. This definitely is SOHC MIVEC equipment by utilizing 16 valves. Like an option is also expected three.8-liter engine. Ingestion really should be lowered in contrast to prior model. Acceleration is truly a genuine sport. From 0 to 60 mph this model will attain in about 6 just a few seconds. Is anticipated to exceed 16 an extended way per city and 24 kilometer down the interstate with one particular gallon from fuel. This is really fabulous and will put a lot of pressure on competitors on the market. Producer is serious and hard work on the new model will definitely pay out. After such a long brake this car will be a surprise, last model was released in 2011.


2017 Mitsubishi Eclipse Release Date and Price

2017 Mitsubishi Eclipse car for the future is expected to come out during  next year. Price speculations are in this moment quite unpredictable. It may depend on the equipment, so an assumed price is between  $22.000 to $30.000,  but it may get a bit hither due to available optional equipment.

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