2017 Mercedes GLS Class, Review, Ratings, Specs, Price

June 9, 2016

2017 Mercedes GLS Class will launch crossover series which resembles to face lifted present GL-Class. This family SUV brings great comfort and perfection.


2017 Mercedes GLS Class Redesign Exterior and Interior

2017 Mercedes GLS Class has really elegant and appealing appearance. This all doesn’t create any compromise on build quality. The weigh is expected around 150 KG-less than its previous model. According to this we can calculate 20% less fuel consumption. As far as visible changes are concerned, the outer body will get plenty of lines to add more detailing as well as make it look more aggressive. A remodeled grill will be offered along with larger front bumpers, LED lights will be implanted on both front and rear sides and the backside will get a sloping appearance. The cabin space of this vehicle has got to allow passengers better seats as well as better technological equipment to ride out their journey. 2017 Mercedes GLS will have a newly designed dashboard, new trim materials and an updated infotainment system that can controlled with COMAND controller having a built in touchpad.Most features will be based according to your choice in trim, these include leather seats, power front seats, Dual-zone Climate control, and additional dashboard features.


2017 Mercedes GLS Class Engine and Fuel Economy

2017 Mercedes GLS Class base model will have a 3.5 liter Turbocharged V-6 diesel engine with 240 hp and 455 pound feet torque, and the next version will have a turbo V6 engine with 362 hp and 369 lb-ft torque. The top two versions are integrated to a V-8 having 429 hp with 516 lb-ft of torque and turbo V-8 with 550hp and 560lb -ft torque. This model will be enhanced with 7 speed Shift able automatic transmission system with all-wheel drive. With new engine, this model will try to cut down fuel consumption and fuel economy is predicted to 19 mpg on city and 26 mpg on highway. With this fuel efficient engine famous producer will certainly make difference. With this launch, model will face stiff competition from 2017 Cadillac Escalade, 2017 Toyota Prado, 2017 Infiniti Q80 and 2017 BMW X7.


2017 Mercedes GLS Class Release Date and Price

2017 Mercedes GLS price expectations will range from 63,000 $ to 112,000 $ and it will available within the end of 2016. Famous producer will probably bring on the market also Mercedes-Maybach GLS series which price may be over 200,000 $ range.



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