2017 Honda S2000– Specs, Concept, Redesign

December 8, 2015

2017 Honda S2000 has fabulous masculine appearance . Once on the road, you can not resist to this your modern, futuristic and of course fast sports car.


2017 Honda S2000 Review

2017 Honda S2000 sports is mabye its look main attraction of this car with slightly raised back part in comparison to the slightly lowered hood. Mask has got a U shape like that of scales. This model will have only two doors and it would also have two exhaust pipes. Sporty LED headlights and taillights are very unique as they are pieces of LEDs grouped together. There are few of the main features like new sistem for facet intakes of air, wrapped headlights, new suspension system, flared arches of wheels and alloy wheels of high quality will give more aggressive appearance to S2000. 2017 Honda S2000 comes with very exclusive interior with one leather seat row for two passengers but with enough comfort to enjoy. In the Interior of this car comes very nice dashboard and steering wheel. We can expect very good audio and also some other functions such as Bluetooth connectivity and satellite navigation. ABS system would enhanced safety.


2017 Honda S2000 Engine and Transmission

2017 Honda S2000 will be to fast and powerful. In order to achieve this he would most certainly need to use powerful and very reliable engine. It is speculated that the manufacturer would use similar engine as 2017 Civic Type R, 2.0 liter turbo engine capable of producing about 350 HP or more and rear wheel drive. For hybrid version, this engine will be paired with the electric. Potential transmission would be the automatic transmission which would have seven speeds and dual clutch for rear wheel drive. Also, the emission of fuel would be reduced as well as fuel consumption. 2017 Mazda MX 5, Acura RDX and Subaru BRZ will can be assured close competitor into class, but this model is indeed one of the kind. Although younger population will be thrilled, also all generation can enjoy in this car.


2017 Honda S2000 Release Date and Price

2017 Honda S2000 on the basis of assumptions, cost of the base at about $44 000 to $60 000 or more for higher versions. S2000 is supposed to arrive in the market by the end of 2016 or start 2017.

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