2017 Audi Q8 Release Date, Interior, Specs, Pictures, Redesign

August 23, 2016

2017 Audi Q8 continues to improve reputation of famous German producer. Concept of this crossover will certainly create big mess on the markets worldwide.


2017 Audi Q8 Interior and Exterior

2017 Audi Q8 Concept will certainly be significantly improved due to many expected improvements of all kinds. Design of the new flagship SUV will not be similar to any brand model.This crossover model will have more elongated and flat body design than before. Use of heavyweight metal is limited here, only lightweight alloys in order to increase fabulous speed performance. Wheelbase is also enlarged, and cargo space will be bigger than before.



2017 Audi Q8 Engine Specs

2017 Audi Q8 flagship SUV will have new concept, and is going to use V6, V8 or W12 engines. Fuel capacity in those units will be somewhere around 3-4 liter. For one drivetrain setup the engines will be TFSI unit. The second variant is expected to be a TDI unit which is going to have 3-liter fuel capacity. Also possible drivetrain setup is expected to be a dual turbo 4 liter V8 unit which would generate a power of 550 HP. Acceleration rates in this new vehicle will be also fabulous. This new model will be able to reach a speed of sixty-two miles per hour starting from zero in just seven seconds. The maximum speed that can be clocked will be around one fifty-five miles per hour mark. Fuel economy is going to be quite high since new engines are a lot more fuel-efficient than the previous ones. 2017 Audi Q8 will be based on the newest modular MLB Evo platform. This will ensure the total mass of a large vehicle not exceed 2000 kg. The main parts of the car will be made from aluminum, reinforced plastic (CFRP), carbon fiber and high strength steel. This model is already over all our expectations in terms of speed and power.



2017 Audi Q8 Release date and Price

2017 Audi Q8 crossover steps into new market with really great rivals. Most popular are Lamborghini Urus, 2017 Porsche Cayenne, 2017 Mercedes Benz MLC, RangeRover Sport and 2017 BMW X6. The base model is expected to reach price of around $75,000, while upper trims are expected to cost even $130,000. Release date is set for mid 2017, so we cannot wait for this model to come out and move borders.


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