2016 Pontiac Firebird Review, Specs, Price

May 8, 2015

2016 Pontiac Firebird factory- Trans Am will be a car with better tougher suspension, different aerodynamics and a more aggressive look.


2016 Pontiac Firebird Redesign

2016 Pontiac Firebird interior has a new steering wheel. Of course you can expect everything that comes as a standard in modern cars like a state of the art sound system, touch screen controls, navigation, voice commands, heated leather seats, etc. Also, cabin is going to have a lot of space, offering a great deal of comfort to a driver. The front is entirely different with four headlights, LED fog lights and also a new mask. Elongated hood that made the Firebird so successful. The back of the car had also been changed and now features enclosed tail lights that glow with a really nice tone. Chassis has been only slightly modified but with further changes to the suspension we can expect to see at least slightly better ride and handling quality. Also, Firebird will come with a few different types of wheels that are particular to this car as well as a brand new exhaust that gives it a really great sound! The long tradition of this popular brand is sure to delight and this time the biggest fans of these machines we hope that engineers will remain faithful to the tradition and everything that makes this car so famous.


2016 Pontiac Firebird Engine

2016 Pontiac Firebird 6.2L V8 engine driven identically as the 2016 Chevrolet Camaro, but thanks to the power of the supercharger increased from 426 hp to 575 hp. If that was not enough, choices of two engines are more powerful, and with 720 hp and 1,100 hp. However, manufacturers are not satisfied with the machine and so the new suspension, six-speed manual transmission has been specially modified for the increased power.


2016 Pontiac Firebird Price and Release Date

2016 Pontiac Firebird is nothing but modified Camaro. Chevrolet’s popular model ranges from USD $ 20-60K and the transformation to 2016 Pontiac Firebird will have to pay extra for another 15,000 depending on trim level. This car could attract the attention of only the biggest fans because for only $ 55,000 you can have the next major competitor 2016 Ford Mustang. Of course, all of these facts can be explained as the Pontiac is not planned series production.

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