2016 Nissan Leaf Changes,Redesign and Specs

March 19, 2015


2016 Nissan Leaf is supposed to bring great news on the market of electric car segment by this new series. It is ready to come out with recognizable style.


Environment is becoming one of the biggest issues by some automotive companies. Against the bad reputation of car as the biggest air pollution producer, some companies are interested to begin their project on creating less-fuel engine car which replaced by electric car in which producing no emission for the environment. The same project is also made by this producer through new 2016 Nissan Leaf. This challenge can be solved with this new model. Some upgrades, especially on performance side are expected to make better the reputation of electric cars by customers. On one side there is a story about pollution, from the other hand customers do not buy electric cars.

The exterior appearance of this car will also get quiet newer look compared to its current model and claimed to be more attractive to see. Although having the same platform of body design that uses V-shape design on the front side for giving great aerodynamic, some parts of exterior side from this car will be redesigned. Inside of the cabin of this 2016 Nissan Leaf seams that there is almost nothing to get changed for the design compared to previous models.


2016 Nissan Leaf Engine

As mentioned before this new car will be equipped with a better engine performance. The new electric motor that is predicted to be able in generating up to 110 horsepower and a longer battery life is going to be added to the 2016 Nissan Leaf. With an eco-option, engine will be capable to produce up to 70 horsepower. This car is well-known worldwide as an electric car with extremely high fuel economy. The biggest competition of 2016 Nissan Leaf will be the Tesla Model 3. This variant of the electric car is supposed to have the fuel economy of up to 312 miles. There will be much more improvements to go to beat such strong competition.


2016 Nissan Leaf Release Date and Price

When it comes to release date of new 2016 Nissan Leaf, it should debut at the end of 2015, or in early 2016. The price off this all-electric model should be around $22,000. In competition small, economical city cars main rival will be his 2016 Mitsubishi Mirage.


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