2016 Mazda RX9 Rumors, Spec and Changes

June 14, 2015

New 2016 Mazda RX9 is expected to hit the market soon. This version is expected to impress with rotary engine system for producing easily over 300 hp.


2016 Mazda RX9 Concept Design

2016 Mazda RX9 presents the new style and particularly the platform unit. This car will really look unique and futuristic. Besides that, this car will be constructed using lightweight materials consisted of several components of carbon fiber. It will also come with the new weight, 2016 Mazda RX9 will be 2,822 lbs. This time producer put his effort to implement better fuel economy. It is expected that this car is equipped with high quality materials to make the design look more stylish and attractive. The best technology will be also a part of this amazing model incorporated in 2-seater cabin. It is impressive how Japanese producer uses his knowledge to create something really brilliant. It is really hard to find competitors for this model because its greatness, but worth mentioning are Nissan Z and Maxima models, Subaru WRX and 2016 Toyota Celica.

2016 Mazda RX9 Engine

New 2016 Mazda RX9 is supposed to come with the 16X engine of all-new-twin-rotor unit. It will make the car produce speeds more than 450 hp (335 kW). The producer has included the electric turbo assist as the new equipment of two-stage system. This car is going to have better CO2 emissions and fuel economy with the presence of light body. In the other way this amazing car is going to fix the two-stage turbo system with the low-end torque of rotary engine. Famous Japanese brand is expected to offer this model with the hybrid version as well. This mainly is that it can satisfy the euro-zone emission requirements. Its hybrid model will be powered by a similar capacity Wankel engine with a switching 800cc dual-rotor that will run on clean energy and this seems to be conventional for other models.


2016 Mazda RX9 Release Date and Price

2016 Mazda RX9 precise release date for this model is still not confirmed, but it will probably go on sale at the end of this year or at the very start of 2016. The base model price will almost be similar to RX8 about $27,400 with the hybrid model expected to cost slightly more.

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