2016 Mazda RX7 Concept, Review and Specs

March 11, 2015

New 2016 Mazda RX7 comes as supercar with outstanding output and low fuel economy. It will feature the latest rotary engine from famous Japanese brand.


2016 Mazda RX7 Interior and Exterior

2016 Mazda RX7 according to the latest news of this car will come with light weighted chassis and powerful rotary engine. We all hope to see soon this model.  Actually, the production of the RX7 was suspended in 2002. There are predictions that new model is going to have a very fine appearance. This is totally going to enhance the appeal of this already-stylish coupe. 2016 Mazda RX7 turns out that this car model will be designed by Kodo as superior design. Although this is expected by many people, the Japanese producers are not going to abandon their traditions. The design will be further enhanced with sharp lines and sporty details. The vehicle is going to sport an aluminum body, with much of its weight reduced. Due to the use of the platform and the light will be made with lightweight materials and weight. About 2800-3000 lbs, which will provide better fuel economy and vehicle aerodynamics. When it comes to interior, one thing for sure is that it is going to be more spacious, luxurious and comfortable. Competition in the class will have a problem to compete with this great car. 2016 Toyota Celica could be a competitor.


2016 Mazda RX7Engine

2016 Mazda RX7 is expected to use rotary power with the ability to generate up to 250 horsepower. Although the manufacturer has stated that the engine is under the works as of yet, it is believe to be the only engine option offered for this car. The platform on which the vehicle is expected to be built is the SkyActiv platform. It is well-known for its contribution towards reducing the weight of the car. Among the available transmission Japanese automaker will offer a manual gearbox, as an optional, automatic may also be presented.


2016 Mazda RX7 Price and Release Date

The 2016 Mazda RX7 is expected to be priced at about $30, 000. It is further speculated to be launched by the end of 2016. The release date is expected early in 2016, while the Japanese manufacturer can decide to postpone, and later as a model launched in 2017.

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