2016 Mazda 3 Review, Price and Specification

February 14, 2015

2016 Mazda 3 also known as MPS  is coming out now redesigned as real stylish family car, providing comfort and quality, as well as good value for money.

2016 MAZDA 3 Exterior and Interior

2016 Mazda 3 coming with significant changes in the exterior design. Sleek headlights, taillights and sharp lines of the body are trying to define the speed. Huge and wide alloy wheels are here to ensure safer grip and the road. New and bigger allow wheels will be equipped with sportier exhaust  and stronger braking system.
Inside, this Japanese automaker has special trim for sport-tuned version of theMazda 3. If we look at the regular model we can notice that the list of standards is pretty long, so the MPS version will follow its footsteps. The level of safety and tuning features are expanded for in this version. Sportier seats design with special color-scheme will additionally enhance the appearance and enjoyment during the ride. New MPS also comes with good safety measures. Six airbags have been provided for all the seats, pedal collapses at the brakes for safety of driver’s legs. As a standard safety measures in Mazda cars, dynamic stability managing and traction control system are provided. By equipping this model, Mazda will compete in 2016 Chevrolet Volt and 2016 KIA Forte.

2016 Mazda 3 MPS – Engine and Performance

There was a lot of speculation if MPS will release a diesel car as well. MPS is coming out with a turbo diesel engine that can deliver 2.2 liter, 255 horse power, and 280 lb-ft of torque. “New 3” has six speed manual transmission gear system as the standard one. However, as an option one can choose six speed auto transmission gear system. This sports car is going to be released with an all wheel drive system for the first time. This is the only difference from its previous version, in terms of changes below the hood. As an overall upgrade there is also a talk that 20% of power may be spiked up and braking, handling may also witness improvements in the new hatchback.

2016 Mazda 3 Release Date and Price

We suppose that launching of 2016 Mazda 3 will be moved for a second half of 2015. The value should be in the same range as compared to present model, and MPS variety will cost around 25.000 dollars. Competitors to this model include front-wheel-drive models such as the Ford Focus and the Subaru Impreza.

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