2016 Jaguar XJ (X352) New concept and Redesign

February 16, 2015

British producer is proudly presenting 2016 Jaguar XJ with first major updates of its famous sedan since the car’s launch more than five years ago.

2016 Jaguar XJ Interior and exterior

The Jaguar 2016 XJ will be one of the best looking large luxury sedans on the market. New version is expected even more luxurious, stronger and powerful. It is out of competition of other models in the same class. British producer has succeeded to stay on top level so far, so we are not afraid that it wouldn’t d be the same with this new model. Body will be made from aluminum and other light materials so 2016 Jaguar XJ will be able to move more swiftly and more aerodynamically. The front face will be lifted and reshaped. If we take a look at the front face and redesigned bumper we can only be impressed, as always when we look at this wild cat. The headlights are also redesigned and embedded to support the performance as well during the day as at night. When it comes to interior of this beast, inside the cabin there are many interior features for infotainment and safety. Wide dash-mounted touch screen display, new audio system, Bluetooth and USB connectivity, climate control, navigation system, airbags, blind spot monitoring and cruise control are just some of them.


2016 Jaguar XJ Engine

Given the XJ’s recent drive-train updates, few changes are expected under the hood. The most important is that powerful engine will be also fuel efficient. The range-topper will remain the 550-horsepower XJR, which is undergoing its own update. At the other end of the spectrum the base model should stay with its 340-horsepower V-6. All-wheel drive will also continue to be an option. 2016 Jaguar XJ will employ powerful engine but also fuel efficient. There are also company plans to launch the new model with sophisticated V8 drive-train at greater and more luxurious trims.

2016-Jaguar-XJ-back view

2016 Jaguar XJ Price and Release Date

Based on the average lifetime of one generation, the next 2016 Jaguar XJ (possibly with an index X352) will be issued in 2016. When it comes to price of the new car it isn’t expected lower than $90,000. Producer needs this car as soon as possible, so it is nice to see that the company is moving forward with a lot of progress. This model is meant to compete with 2016 BMW 750li, Lexus LS and Cadillac LTS.

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