2016 Chevrolet El Camino – SS, Price, Review

June 18, 2015

2016 Chevrolet El Camino will have a great design that combines the functions of a VAN with a stylish and sporty look of the sedan SS. Chevy El Camino Has very rich history.


2016 Chevrolet El Camino Review

2016 Chevrolet El Camino for now it is very likely that the line of chassis to be very similar to the Chevy Malibu with a more strengthened and extended chassis for the cargo area in the rear of the. You can see some changes in the front bumpers, the rare bumpers and the mask but car- line gives new style. Fog lamps have been installed and a great new suspension system is also added for better off-road driving. Huge alloy rims now exist and the best thing is that the manufacturers have reduced some pounds from the weight of the vehicle to ensure that it can for better performance. It will be available two different trims during that time one on the base model and second on the SS option. 2016 Chevrolet El Camino has also been modified inside. Top of the notch comfortable leather seats which make the drive much comfortable. The dash board is quite luxurious. It’s equipped with the latest version of touch screen. Bluetooth and USB charger functionality, temperature control, audio stream, cruise control system all is available. This vehicle has a lot to offer to the users. It also has the power windows system which is operated individually by the users. This Chevy provides a whole new level of infotainment and entertainments to the passengers.


2016 Chevrolet El Camino Engines and Consumption

2016 Chevrolet El Camino engine have not available information but some anonymous resources say that it will be equipped with the latest high-tech engine. The fuel economy of this vehicle is said to be very much reasonable and due to this, it will get improved performance. The engine of this vehicle is said to be high performing and it is going to be the latest 8-speed transmission engine.

2016 Chevrolet El Camino Release date and Price

2016 Chevrolet El Camino will be a fantastic vehicle. The company wants to develop the car in a way that could be used for more than just pickup truck. Release date has yet been disclosed. The production of the car has not started yet but it is official that the reproduction will start early 2016. When talk about the price of this vehicle we expect to be in the range of new Chevy’s models this rank, so between 20.000USD and 30.000USD.

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